Top 10 Positive and Negative Kratom Effects

28 Aug, 2018

Please Excuse my miss-spelling I have Dyslexia Mona said 3 years ago (Reply) I have a question Does Kratom show up on drug test I have lupus and fibromyalgia a friend introduced me to Kratom And it worked miracles. What an inspiration!! Ive had depression for over 5 years now and I am tried of seeing phycologists and being on meds It makes me feels less of a person I ask myself if this is how my life will be from now on ? Someone told me about kratom and I feel a bit scared to. (Reply) (Reply) I use Kratom regularly It provides many benefits for me and I find it great and is very safe to use I found some extra information on what kratom does how to take it and the effects of different strains Was pretty helpful information. (Reply) Hi Linda I’m writing an article about kratom (not like the one in the Palm Beach Post!) and am curious to find out how the herb worked for you Thanks! Mike Rubendall said 2 years ago Saved. (Reply) Hi Sherri I can relate to your situation I found this guide very helpful it contains comprehensive information on different sources as well as a check-list for vetting sellers: - /forum ?t=200101 I hope that shows up OK here it is in plain text: - /forum ?t=200101 (If it shows up as two lines it should all be just one line.) Hope this helps and good. (Reply) I just started using kratom for anxiety and depression It makes me feel supper alert and happy Also more sociable However the side effects have been constipation and imsomnia Will they go away?. Can Kratom be taken while taking chemo? Erin regan said 3 years ago (Reply) (Reply) I am an alcoholic I know my alcoholism stems from severe anxiety and I am presently on Ativan as needed to help control it so I will not drink Of late my Ativan does not seem to be working anymore even with an increase in its dosage amount I was very recently introduced to Kratom (Indo green?) and found its effect very calming with my craving and anxiety gone Has anyone else found this Kratom to be helpful in alcohol addiction? I have read about its success with opiate and nicotine addiction Please share if you have an alcohol addiction or know of someone who it has helped I am very encouraged right now with Kratom! and desperate to kick this alcoholism! (Reply) Buy addiction you mean dependence there’s a difference addiction and habit are basically the same whereas addiction and dependence are not google it if you don’t believe me Try they have excellent kratom and are fast in delivering it to you!! I have ordered from other webs and none have been as good as them I hope this helps! CKR said 4 years ago (Reply) I took kratom for the first time today and felt relief of bad mood and irritability Was able. I started using different kratom colors a few days ago too see which ones would affect me I have ADD PTSD I.C Fibro and… Well first thing I notices with the Red is the feeling of relaxation and flow I have also cut my PRN medications by half not planned I just didn’t need them I’ve been suffering from XYZ for 8 years I am amazed! Also the Green seemed to pick me up while the white made me feel chill but still able to do things I pray studies can be done the help identify what veins can help illness yet keep the. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player (Reply) What I can say about my experience is that I felt great in about 40 minutes It felt like i had just ran 5 miles I am disabled and I can’t even bend over without it hurting but it felt as though somebody put a cortisone shot right into my hips back legs and spine! It was excellent The resilience and youthfulness I felt lasted for about 3.5 hours It was very unbelievable to me that one single thing could help me. (Reply) I have chronic pain in the form of severe nerve damage in my legs and am sick of opiates! Can anyone tell me which strain to use to get similar effects to the opiates for pain and anxiety? And where to purchase it? I don’t want to feel like I drank a bunch of coffee though I’d appreciate any advice I hate taking all these pills and I want my. It helped me make a gourmet dinner and I am disabled This is something that my roommate was very impressed with Thanks for listening btw I too hate drug commercials that tell you you could have stroke or heart attack or suicidal thoughts when using???? Why are these drugs legal for us to consume? I mean I agree some are absolutely needed but doctors need to prescribe with discretion The first thing available to me was a wide array of anti-depressants I went through about 10 of them that never worked without any doctor ever questioning what would happen to me Oh you are depressed and that didn’t work? Well lets try another So not right I now support Kratom. (Reply) Try any Sumatra strain kratom Rebecca said 4 years ago (Reply) All in all Mood & Mind as well as Treekompany are probably your best bet for acquiring quality kratom at reasonable prices I know this post came 5 months late but I hope that I’ve been some help I’m happy that you’re overcoming your opiate addiction; keep up the great work girl! Kelly said 3 years ago Jamison thanks so much for your help You might have been 5 months too late for her but you weren’t for me! Lots of good info about vendors. (Reply) If it wasn’t for kratom my pain would be too much to bare and I would not be able to work!! I took opiates for five years and they destroyed my life!!! Kratom gave it back to me!!! Keep it legal! I was going to kill myself due to pain and opiate use; kratom pulled me back from the abyss! Thank you Jesus for this miracle tree! (Reply) Kratom has helped my arthritis and headaches immensely! Perhaps it isn’t for everyone but has workwd wonders for me I am also a recovering alcoholic and since I have been using Kratom my alcohol cravings are non-existent. Is anyone reading this ? Can’t tell Palm Beach Post reported this week that 20 yo male who jumped off overpass to kill himself last month did have kratom in his system He also was on antidepressents Now his mother will be “fighting kratom” How about helping young males with depression? Kratom didn’t kill him He killed himself He did not have the coping skills to fight depression It ain’t just pills We have to help our young people Not by putting guardrails on everything but by teaching them how to deal with life Furthermore the organic mitragyna speciosa that I bought online is working well for my pain relief I am 66 and know what I’m doing. True many people (incorrectly) do not differentiate between being addicted to something vs being physically dependent on something because very often both are present when someone has a “drug problem.” Addiction is more of a behavioral problem dependence is physical Addiction is an emotional need for a drug or habit that has been built up dependence comes when you have taken a drug long enough that your body has become used to the effects of a drug so sudden cessation of said drug causes withdrawal symptoms At least with opiates i think kratom can be useful for both conditions although it is almost always effective at easing withdrawal symptoms It eased my symptoms from heroin withdrawal almost completely and I have helped many of my friends detox with it We are all much happier now and we have more.

(Reply)   4 Potent Relaxant: As you use larger doses of Kratom leaves or capsules it produces more of an anxiolytic and sedative effect While supporting a positive mood it can also calm you down and help you rid your mind of stressful thoughts This supplement can also reduce feelings of nervousness and help you release both mental and physical tension   Read User Reviews on the Best Kratom Strains.

(Reply) I just tried Experience Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom today 1 tblsp with a small Jamba Juice Orange with a boost of vitamin C The Kratom came from a head shop in Beaverton Oregon It is absolutely the real thing The salesperson was very knowledgeable I needed it now I was not getting any relief from the small amount of norco I am allowed each month for severe chronic pain all over I have several other problems including depression XYZ (Reply) I just tried the Bali kratom for pain today as I havr endometriosis and just stopped using suboxone as a pain killer one month ago took one pill on an empty stomach as advised and it is amazing As an ex opiate user I have a high tolerance for pain meds I live in Denver and it is sold legitimately at a few different head shops I got mine at Headed West I recommend getting the type that decreases anxiety instead of the type that promotes energy Hope this helps.   6 Improves Sleep: Another favored effect of Kratom is that it is one of the best natural herbs for improving sleep quality It can serve to shut off your mind before going to bed and can put you into a restful state which makes it easier to fall asleep Some reviewers say they experience more dreams when using Kratom as a sleep aid and that they tend to wake feeling more refreshed and ready to go the next morning   (Reply) Kratom neither makes one depressed nor cures depression There are however several psychotropic pharma drugs that psychiatrists prescribe (including seroquel) that can and DO cause suicidal acts Someone should tell the young man’s mother and sue their psychiatrist instead I’ve personally witnessed such malpractice and psychotic behavior as a result of the wrong anti-depressant. (Reply) I took this to detox so I could pass a urine test for pot What I noticed is I used to have a very strong bladder ie I would only have to urinate 2 times a day Now I am running to the bathroom because the urge to urinate is so strong I only took 5 pills a month or so ago and this side effect is still with me Anyone else have this side effect? P.S I did pass. Hi Jack Kratom drug tests do exist but they are not very widely used right now The average urine test that an employer does isn’t screening for Kratom use so the alkaloids in this plant should not show up However if someone is specifically testing for kratom then it would show up Jack said 3 years ago My buddy is on probation and has a urine test coming up will kratom show in. (Reply) It certainly has some abuse potential — as mitragynine binds with opioid receptors — but it *does not* “contain an opioid.” (Reply) I had a 16 oz glass of the white tea last night between drinking I had 8 drinks in 10 hours and two meals so technically I was not drunk; however I am blaming the kratom for making me nauseous I ended up passing out The paramedics said that Kratom is an opiate (need to research that) and is not good to mix with alcohol Cautionary tale to do more research before experimenting with anything you put in. (Reply) This is old I know but if your still looking Chicago botanicals are great They’re on fb and have webpage order off get. Hello Everyone- I’ve been thinking about giving kratom a try because I was a heroin addict for a few years & am now currently on methadone to alleviate withdrawal symptoms & refrain from using anymore However one only holds me for a maximum of 18 hours far less than its suppose to & I am on 100mgs! It is unbelievable I am tired of being “sick” everyday as well as having chronic back & knee pain from sport injuries & a car accident Can anyone please tell me which strand would best suit my needs? How should I take it & how much being my first time? As well as where to purchase in NYC? Someone please help me out I’d greatly appreciate the advice. (Reply) I am currently going “cold turkey” off of my Norco after 6 years on and off I was prescribed this from my Pain Physician I was taking 70-150 mgs of Norco per day If I do not take it I have body pain depression anxiety diarrhea Insomnia crazy leg cramps etc I started taking Kratom yesterday and it has helped I actually slept last night but did experience some weird dreams I also did wake up feeling very stiff and have a mild headache and dry mouth Overall I am pleased with it and I also do not have the urge to smoke cigarettes :) (Reply) I too can relate to your response I have chronic pain and diagnosed generalized anxiety Bali kratom has been the absolute best thing to help me!…and that is one big understatement! I also have friends with Lupus Fibromyalgia and MS….it actually helps them as well! Simply incredible! Try out Coastal Kratom (my primary) and Herbal Salvation (secondary)….they have been the most reliable and consistent Best of luck and I hope for the very best in your current situation! Hey guys I want to get off Norco; i have a severe disc problem in my upper back and want something more natural; which Kratom product should I get? I wouldnt mind the extra energy either Please help Thanks! Sting Ray said 3 years ago (Reply) Hi Sherri I know you posted this several months ago but I’m going to tell you what I did anyway ???? I used prescription pain killers for ten years went through horrible withdrawal didn’t need them for seven years needed them again for two years I did NOT want to withdrawal again so I started using Kratom I did not experience withdrawal at all with Kratom I have found that if you purchase it online they’re all the same There is one major distrutor of Kratom and most webs buy from this distributor Do not buy anything that has a brand If they show the packaging rather than the Kratom don’t buy it’s crap Also don’t buy from headshops they’re total crap too The best strain for withdrawal is red Thai It has the highest amount of good alkaloids If you want some specific webs and dosages shoot me an email at LadyKatharine123@ I started using kratom the other day for my pain and I got it from and its been pretty helpful I have been sleeping better and have never felt so good and the pain has been negligible I get migraines and severe back pain and tension This stuff works great Johnny said 3 years ago (Reply) I am about to purchase my first order of Kratom I’m not wanting it to get high My only desire to get it in the first place is to get rid of opiates that I have been using for the past 10 years due to chronic pain from cancer surgery and spondylosis in conjunction with anxiety The issue that I have encountered is the lack of knowledge of where to get it as all s claim to have the best Kratom online and that they have the most potent and best prices That leaves me with the fear of being ripped off and with a product that I have paid for but doesn’t do anything for the pain which is severe Please advise or do you also claim to have the best or do you just critique the different s Sorry but I have to be blunt as I live on a limited income and want to get off opiates like no other and need the help with the pain issues Thanks so much for any advice! (Reply) It is very misleading to say it is not addicting Kratom can absolutely cause physical dependance as it contains an opioid If it’s not addicting then why is there a highly active subreddit called r/quittingkratom? (Reply) Does anyone know if kratom used over a long period (couple of years) of time will show aging or that worn down look as some drugs.   8 Sexual Enhancer: There are a lot of reports from individuals taking Kratom extracts as aphrodisiacs and sexual performance enhancers This ethnobotanical may heighten arousal sensations and enable you to last longer during the act It seems to work as a sexual excitant both for men and women Sometimes taking as little as 1 gram of Bali Kratom powder can boost your libido for as much as 12 hours   (Reply) (Reply) as a follow up kratom is not an opiate but it does bind with the same receptors as opium I can see why it would be beneficial for opium withdrawls. (Reply) Sherri- I get mine from It comes in powder form which tastes awful but I just swallow it down with OJ I think it is addictive however so be careful Some people have withdrawal symptoms others do not I don’t get high from it but it does give me energy and help with pain. Thanks Chris These prescription commercials they show are unreal They claim to help you then they have all of these horrible side effects you have to tolerate Then a year later you have lawyer commercials saying “If you or a loved one took ****** medication had limbs fall off or died we can help you with a lawsuit…”. (Reply) I started taking Kratom and it’s giving me headaches when I have sex I’m getting my blood pressure checked because I’ve been reading about people having extremely high blood pressure as a side effect These headaches are seriously painful and scary I took a shower to cool down and I almost passed out Needless to say I’m not going to take it anymore If you are thinking about trying it don’t It’s too dangerous. (Reply) I just started using a Jeff Stryker Ultra Realistic Dong and I’m getting soreness in my vaginal area after sex Needless to say I’m not going to use it anymore If you are thinking of trying it don’t It’s too dangerous *ROLLEYES* (Reply) Thank you Kratomonline for providing this awesome ! Kratom does work for many people these positive effects are spot on If you live in Europe try Honest prices Good service and Fast delivery My friends son just came off life support from overdosing on kraton He was found slumped over drooling at the bus stop He was immediately taken to ER when his lungs stopped working due to communication with the brain Yeah I would definitely not mess around with anything that the medical field has limited knowledge of – the doctors at the ER hadn’t even heard of it yet He’s off life support but went back to. (Reply) (Reply) I want to increase my sex drive help my irritability and have energy Anyone have suggestions of the best way for me to use kratomite? Does the e cig work as good or would the pills. Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked *Comment Validation Code* 8+0=? Name * Does anyone know if the long-term-ish effect of looking older gets better once you quit the kratom? (Have been drinking daily kratom for around 8 months.) Victoria said 3 years ago (Reply) Shop now (Reply) Does kratom show in urine testing? Lyndon Reys said 3 years ago (Reply) Check out our guide to the effects of Kratom strains here.

Several reports have described a “Kratom Hangover” after taking this substance the next morning This can show up as a headache irritability nausea anxiety or other related effects If using regularly one can develop a tolerance and feel a desire to continue to take more to achieve the same results Never exceed the recommended amount as this can create the potential for abuse While Kratom is not addictive it can be habit forming over a long enough period of time You should control your usage of this herbal to protect against these risks and minimize possible side effects. Mona I also have Fibro and depression I take Vicodin & Tramadol for pain and Zoloft for depression I have noticed I the pain killers give me the pain relief and energy I need to get through the days I have not yet tried Kratom but I’m Interested! Did you feel any uplifting energy from the Kratom? Also where did you buy it from and what kind did you use? Thanks!! Katie Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player (Reply) Is it safe to use Kratom for chronic pain if you are on a daily dose of blood thinners? Wow Your expierence gave me hope! Ive been very leary of Kratom.I hate all the pills being prescribed & all the side effects! I have so much sciption meds for chronic pain in my spine,back all over! I have arthritis from my neck down,PTSDA Manic depression anxiety,nerve damage etc Im 55yrs I enjoy life I don’t feel old,but I know all the Pharmacuticals WILL be the death of me! My son shared Kratom w me recently! I was amazed @ the powder could give me a day of running around town w NO PAIN! I wasn’t crabby when I came home! I slept so good! Woke up feeling better than I have in watch your glad my son turned me on to this web! I welcome other people stories My son has a reliable source locally.I welcome reliable web sources & as much info I can get! Thanks Deb Habit can become addiction if u build a tolerance then u will need more until more is not enough then u will need it more often which becomes abuse and that my friend is addiction Sherri said 4 years ago (Reply) (Reply) Kratom was recommended to me about a year ago It’s been a great product to assist with issues such as lack of energy low mood and social anxiety I’ve been to the doctor and tested for all of those issues Everything checks out fine so none of that is medical related I’ve tried prescription drugs only to be bombarded by negative side effects that are worse than the disease When I take Kratom I find my choices outside of that are healthier such as no craving for coffee or alcohol When not on Kratom I would abuse both So this definitely helps. Trying to reply to both of you — I have been drinking kratom daily for around 8 months & look like I’ve aged significantly in the past few months I don’t drink alcohol smoke there’s nothing else to explain it So yes! I’d say without a doubt kratom causes you to look aged Now I just want to know if it will reverse itself when I get off of it Any thoughts? Elise said 1 year ago I just posted a comment & it’s not showing up so summarizing- yes without a doubt drinking kratom daily has made me look. (Reply) I was wondering if Kratom would begin to make you show that worn down look as I’ve been taking Kratom for over a year and I feel that applies It was only after I had been taking Kratom regularly for awhile that people would tell me I look tired When no one has ever said that I’m always getting carded wherever I go but I noticed that changed after the Kratom use I came on here to see if anyone else had experienced that too and then I saw your comment. Email * Web Save my name email and web in this browser for the next time I comment Well said! BostonLaw said 2 years ago I am laughing so hard I don’t need Kratom… natural relief is what you just. Hey Sherri I completely understand your confusion regarding the issue The vendors out there claiming to have the most potent and quality product are manifold but I will give you some advice based upon some of my past experiences For vendors the number one spot is occupied by an online retailer by the name of Mood & Mind ( ) Aside from Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom) they sell an array of other products but at the risk of sounding like I am making a sales pitch I’ll remain topical In my opinion the quality of their kratom is nigh unparalleled among online venders and the consistency and quality of their many strains combined with prices that are more than fair make them perhaps the best choice For instance the average price for 4oz (112 grams roughly) would be 38-40 dollars Additionally their customer service is second to none and every order placed with them comes with sample pack of some other strain of their choosing. (Reply) The key to reducing kratom hangover i’ve found… keep tolerance low by cycling strains! I still use the same dose (.7g) I used 2 years ago when i started and I keep around 8 strains on hand always to pick from! No hangovers Love it keep spreading kratom awareness :) I’m sorry to hear that kratom led to such unpleasant effects for you No doubt you have license to say whatever you like; but with regard to having a useful discussion about it it’s unfair to extrapolate how it affected you to the entire population Many people find it a truly valuable herb whether it’s for pain relief withdrawal attenuation or simply as a recreational drug Comments such as yours may dissuade someone from trying it who could have benefited from many of its positive effects There’s always a small percentage that will have a negative reaction or experience with any drug but your experience is one observation within a very large sample and is in no way representative of the broader consensus Peace! I can tell you from personal experience It is addictive and it will sneak up on you However its not the worst substance to get addicted to If all you’ve done is powder on a daily basis your withdrawal will be more mental than anything The depression is bad and it takes a couple of days to get over it Kava helps So does alcohol So does weed So does blue lotus But the depression will make you want kratom more than sex Bad I’ve done kratom for the past 5 years Powder only Its been almost a week since my last dose Feels like a month I’m thinking when I’m clean someday a part of me will still want it Do it if you want Its fun but know what you’re getting into. Like you said once you get that high (it started for me the first time I took codeine for a cold) you will want it again It is the opiate high Also what’s interesting is the longer you do kratom sometimes the more euphoric the effects are (kind of like with weed where it gets better over time) This can also be dangerous Your (Reply) If they are blaming the Kratom then they need to blame the anti depressants too… The kid was desperate obviously Been there myself quite a bit I think I Might have to try this stuff would love to get off the anti depressants the one I’m on is a tough one And could use some pain relief… hope. I have also IC for 10 years I just read about kratom in a FB post never heard of it b/f Did it help with your IC pain and what about frequency? Did it heal you or do you need to be taking it for the rest of your life? I know cannabis heals IC but it is not available in my state yet Joey said 4 years ago (Reply) (Reply) get zen ultra premium kratom single dose packets…it will work i promise you Damon said 3 years ago zen ultra premium kratom single dose packets are great but at 9 bucks a pop I don’t think most people can afford that Way overpriced. I am sorry a one man had a seizure and a young man jumped off of a bridge but is it really that hard to understand that the drug companies want us to depend on them? They have lawyers and the government to protect them What grows from the earth and is natural and used legitimately and cautiously and responsibly for good purpose is not something we should shut down I want to buy the plants and start growing them so that never happens to me I would never want to run out I only took 1 teaspoon and am done right now this evening I have no desire to take another dose and feel relaxed (Reply) (Reply) I use kratom White Vein Borneo type primarily as an uplifiting anti-depressant I use it daily and fairly heavily I say kratom’s effects are like a powerful blast of tramadol Some folks say kratom is like hydrocodone – and I agree that about 20% of its effects resemble hydrocodone to a small extent – but it’s strong mood-lifting effect with associated energy is almost exactly like tramadol’s effects Kratom seems to have a very low risk for physical dependance I say that because I can go long hours without it (say when I’m working long hours and don’t have access to my supply) and I don’t get ‘sick’. My job requires random drug testing So that is the only concern I have Also I would like to know which type of Kratom to get for my conditions Thank you all in advance Katie said 3 years ago (Reply) (Reply) (Reply) I have been takin’ kratom on & off for 4-5 yrs now for anxiety & depression & never had any ill side effects from it other than maybe being kept up one or two nights I am however still trying to find a dose & or combination to help with chronic insomnia. (Reply) (Reply) Kratom underground had the freshest product and they truly care about their clients!!! Les said 3 years ago (Reply) You should know… you’re on a mountain just as high Judge not less ye be judged my friend PJ said 2 years ago (Reply) To depend on something daily is Addiction… if you depend on it physically ….hello you are addicted!!! Heinrich D Bag said 3 years ago (Reply) It must be hard to breathe up on that mountain top. (Reply) I would note for negative side effects that when taking large daily doses ( approx 15-20grams) kratom causes a green pigmentation in the skin This is caused by chlorophyll build up in cells It’s barely noticeable but apparent. (Reply) kratom is working for me I was taking roughly 150mg a day of oxy for pain but tired of the tolerance to it I’m on day 5 of no oxy and taking 3 doses per day of 4 capsules each time I still get the wd symptoms if I don’t take the kratom on time but it feels like it’s getting a little better each day I can honestly say if it weren’t for kratom I would have lied and stolen to get those pills When wd happens it’s like your mind is against you plotting ways to get that pill I will start lowering my dosage of K in a few days to see what happens but as for now I feel very optimistic that this monkey is finally off my back Thank God for Kratom 5 mg Kratom capsule twice a day my BP averages 116/68 to 120/80 I have had readings of 112/63 Feeling great I have tried 5 different strains So far Bali Supreme seems to work for me best Unlike an opiate it doesn’t ‘peak’ then come down It has a long life I can still feel it 4-5 hours later 0 side effects except some drowsiness Never feel ‘dope sick’ or craving I’m glad Kratom is legal in my state I need it to manage my high blood pressure. (Reply) (Reply) (Reply) (Reply) (Reply) I hope it works jezibel said 4 years ago (Reply) (Reply) Another reputable vendor would be Sage Wisdom Botanicals ( ) In terms of the quality of their product (kratom in particular as the mainly caters to Salvia Divinorum enthusiasts) it is my opinion that it sits firmly atop the scale among online vendors However since you mentioned that budget is an issue for you I cannot recommend this vendor as their prices are steep (unnecessarily steep if you. (Reply) Is this legal in Oregon and can I buy it locally? If so do you know where Fairview OR I have been taking pain killers for around 15 years from norcs to morphine to ir oxys and the old school oxys which they quit making and that sux Learned about Kratom a few weeks ago and wish I learned about it 10 years ago Like Marijuana it is a miracle plant expecially for people like me I have stopped taking pks the day after Kratom with zero of the disability ting detoxing I can work sleep and think without opiates for the first time in what seems like my life I will be using this for another couple weeks and try to wean off If it’s like caffeine I will have no problem This forum has helped me a ton so thanks for all your input on here I hope mine helps like everyone’s helped me. I’ve been using Kratom for about 2 years I have a background of depression and social anxiety I also have hereditary high blood pressure Kratom has helped alot with my anxiety and depression I am afraid to take anti depressants I know people who use them The biggest thing I like about Kratom is it keeps my blood pressure in a healthy range Before discovering Kratom my BP would be anywhere from 140/90 to 150/95 That’s WITH prescription BP meds I’ve been on Clonodine Benicar Lisiniprol Cozaar these meds do not work for me Bad psychological side effects Very disconnected feeling I stopped taking. Sad as this story may be apparently this young man had some very deep and very long standing psychiatric issues And if in fact his coming out of the closet cause him to be shunned by his mother that would set into action an entire long list of complications Most of all this mother will be looking for something or somebody to point a finger towards in an effort to deny her own complicity in the boy’s suicide In most instances of deep depression resulting in suicide…it does not usually occur while the individual is deeply depressed…during that time the person rarely has the energy to do the deed The most critical and vulnerable time for suicide is when the depression begins to lift when they actually begin to feel better It is then they have the energy to commit suicide and it is during that time the psychiatrists know to watch their patients very closely. Absolutely! I have been taking it for 6 – 7 months as a replacement to codeine I had been using codeine recreationally (CWE) recreationally and then I switched to kratom because it was just cleaner but produced the same effect It really sneaks up on you It’s not terrible… it’s just so good and has so little downside (no calories doesn’t make you eat like weed) that you may find yourself taking it more than you want or expect to Many users like me report going from once a week to twice a week to every night with a day of break here and there Lucky for me I am extremely self-aware about what I’m doing so I freak out about anything and monitor any and I can say that still I find I am somewhat addicted. (Reply) I’ve been using kratom to treat pains for about 2 years now Ever since I had back surgery done I’ve been stiff and in pain getting out of bed It would continue throughout the day if it weren’t for the cup of kratom tea I make every morning When I went on mood and mind all I could find is kava kava was I doing something wrong? Katie said 3 years ago (Reply) What eventually happened now is that I am sick of the pharmaceuticals I want to get off their gravy train and I want to say that I believe that young man committed suicide over little or no support from his family and not getting the right kind of help Also Gabapentin in large doses causes people to commit suicide I was thinking of suicide when I finally got insurance this year and my doctor took me off of the 1200 mg I was on.I had to stop the Seroquel XR too after my limbs started moving without me wanting them too Dyskensia? I finally settled on Depakote 500mg and that is it I would like to get off of that but one thing at. (Reply) has Zen Ultra Premium Maeng Da kratom and they ship FAST! I have always had Excellent customer service. (Reply) AMEN to that!!!! yvonneforsman said 2 years ago (Reply) (Reply) @deusopus just because you had a problem with it doesn’t mean everybody does You don’t go around telling people not to drink coffee ever because there are a few people who react badly to caffeine do you? Definitely be careful though (as with ANY drug) if you have any existing bp issues you need to use caution with Kratom I had high bp for years that I brought under control with exercise and diet and Kratom worked just fine; until I switched strains I took a new strain I hadn’t tried before and my BP shot up to 170/95 for a few hours but thankfully it came down just fine Next time I’ll be sure to “wean” myself into different strains. (Reply) this is a good herb and an excellent substitute for opiates I take about 3 grams of powdered leaf and it seems to do the trick I hope that it doesn’t get abused and developed into a potent form so it can remain safe and legal So my advice to anyone who enjoys it is to keep it to yourself and be responsible and we can continue to enjoy it. I have been addicted to kratom for a year now… Starting to notice health problems associated with it’s use It’s great for depressed people like me… but once that one year mark comes around you know you screwed up try to stay away from it (if you can) yvonne said 3 years ago (Reply) (Reply) On a serious note… did you have any blood pressure problems before the Kratom? I also am having terrible headache and elevated blood pressure Not sure if it is the Kratom due to my history of headaches and blood pressure problems due to thyroid Or is it the Kratom making it even worse? Going to stop the Kratom and then monitor I also got this Kratom from a headshop so who know what is in it I ordered from a verified company to see if that will change anything? I just bought some for pain relief after reading about it in the Palm Beach Post I never heard of it before then One mother said her son committed suicide Well that is too bad but an herb didn’t do it If this stuff works like it is purported I am all for it Herbs that are pain relievers Nothing wrong with that I have arthritis in multiple joints with constant pain I used to smoke cannabis but it is too difficult to get and I don’t want to do business with street vendors So an online that sells a legal herb is just up my alley Thanks to the Palm Beach Post Now you little kiddies go back to your studies and stop looking to get high all the time I am a 66 yo woman who has accumulated not only pain but some wisdom I know what I am doing This is what I say to the State: Keep your laws off my body I will let you know what happens. (Reply) I learnt about Kratom years ago I used it to get off my morphine addiction it worked great got rid of my withdrawal symptoms for the most part then I just stopped taking it because I don’t like the taste if it tasted good I wouldent have just found 100 grams in my freezer what a good time as well as I just broke my finger and was scared of being prescribed pills and start abusing again but thanks to an old stash I’m set :) I could probably never develop a habit with crushed or powdered leaf but I could possibly see a person with an addictive personality could take extracts a little often so be mindful and carefull do your research and best of luck to everyone! (Reply) I too am sorry about the young man who jumped off of the bridge as I have watched many videos to learn about Kratom What I believe is that Seroquel XR and Gabapentin are to blame You see After being in two severe car crashes and my ex almost killing me he settled with me financially and I moved into my own apartment During the whole entire 6 months my NP at another facility and Kaiser experimented on me with an array of NSAIDs and Gabapentin antidepressants (one that almost made me go into convulsions had it not been for calling her for ativan) and I was even given Seroquel XR for free for a year from Astrozeneca I sat around for 6 months very depressed and scared I slept all of the time My family was constantly worried